Our Story

Hello, I’m Sarah.
I’ve always been a person who loves making and creating and there is nothing cuter to create than clothes for little babes.
Toddle and Born is my little project, spending my evenings and weekends in sunny Dorset hand making gorgeous pieces in some of the most beautiful fabrics I can find. I decided to take the leap into starting my own business when I found it difficult to buy gifts for those around me welcoming babies into their families that weren't on the 'boring' side. The more I looked into leggings for little ones, it was apparent that comfort isn't always taken into account and the print would always be priority. I wanted to ensure both were as important as each other, with no elastic waistbands digging in and longevity of the pieces as we all know how quickly they grow.
All garments are constructed on an overlocker, meaning the seams are finished to a professional standard. The branding labels on our garments are made from a cotton/poly mix and will soften with each wash, and are designed to be a feature on each garment. They are sewn on using a conventional sewing machine, as are the sizing labels inside the garments. 
The leggings have been designed for comfort, and the feedback I have received has been amazing. The wide Rib Knit waistband is delicate on little tums and the legs are cut longer than usual to ensure the leggings grow with your child and last as long as possible before needing to size-up.
Even though the leggings are made a little longer than usual, the ankle cuffs allow them to be the right size for your little one, again allowing for growth and stretching out.
I hope you love them as much as I do!