Why Us?

Why buy from us? 

Toddle and Born was established in 2019, by myself starting by making clothes for new arrivals in my life. After lots of trial and error with fabric choices, patterns and techniques - I started selling my pieces to others who loved them. 

Every piece we sell is made from fabric I have lovingly chosen for its quality and print, or had designed by small digital artists. This fabric is then cut by hand and each garment is sewn together either by me or by a talented seamstress in the UK. No sweatshops, no unethical practises, just people who love what they do.

Pricing is higher than what you will find on the High Street, where items are mass produced by developing countries for a very small wage. Our pricing reflects the cost of fabric (small business has very little buying power!), our labels which are produced in the UK, and the cost of production. 

Thank you for finding Toddle and Born, I really hope you like our products and will visit our website again soon. We are active on Instagram and Facebook if you want to be kept up to date with whats coming next!

Love Sarah xo